Brian Bromberg

This area of the site is dedicated to showcase some of the productions that we do here at B² Studios and Productions. I'm very happy to provide a place where you can hear and become familiar with some of these great artists. Have a listen and enjoy.

Dan Siegel - Sphere
L.A. Chillharmonic


Andrew Neu - Try Something Neu
Dan Siegel - Departure

Erin Boheme - What Love Is
Jeff Berlin - Ace of Bass

Alan Broadbent - With Strings
Brian Bromberg & Akira Jimbo Project- Brombo! - King Records

Brian Bromberg & Akira Jimbo Project- Brombo II !! - King Records
Alan Broadbent - Round Midnight - King Records
Jeff Kashiwa - Peace of Mind - Native Language Records
Jeff Kashiwa - Another Door Opens - Native Language Records
Corey Allen - My Romance - King Records
Turning Point - A Thousand Stories - A440 Music Group
Machan - A440 Music Group
Orna - A440 Music Group
Richard Smith - Soulified - A440 Music Group
Alan Broadbent - You and the Night and the Music - A440 Music Group
Randy Waldman - Timing is Everything - King Records
Kim Waters - One Special Moment - Shanachie Records
Everette Harp - Smooth Jazz Awards Vol.2 - Native Language Records

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